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About Us

Welcome to CultivatED

The goal of CultivatED is to give students, who are contemplating a career in the creative fields, practical advice on various professions so that they are able to make informed decisions.

In the last two decades the way society and the economy have looked upon "creative industries" has rapidly changed. This has given way to what is now known as the "Creative Economy". The value of arts and culture is being seen by governments and society at large as not only stimulating to the mind, but also having real economic value. Opportunities in the arts are opening up rapidly and people are seeing the potential to cross pollinate these positions with more of a traditional business approach. The value of a creative career path is at an all time high and contrary to the uninformed belief, it is a highly sustainable, lucrative and fulfilling choice.

This new generation is uniquely evolved, determined and capable of setting their individual goals towards a promising career path. It is a time of great excitement and that of constant change. Our mission is to help these young adults by giving them a preview of what career options within the creative economies really look like. Students will have the opportunity to hear from top experts across various creative fields and gain from their experiences. Armed with this knowledge, we hope that they will be better equipped to make concrete decisions about further education and life plans.